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vrijdag, 11 april 2014 17:21

Interview Alek Riquelme - DIT

We interviewed Chilean Alek Riquelme, director of DIT (Do It Together) in our bakfiets. DIT is a documentary, coming out soon, about a “growing group which creates new content and organizes events, bringing together all kinds of people who like and make honest and independent art.” During the process of making the documentary, a widespread network of filmmakers, designers, musicians, audio engineers, venues, etc., was created. This network has established connections, relations both personal and professional, on which independent artists can rely for their work, based on the DIY (Do It Yourself) philosophy. The goal of DIT is to promote and support independent artists of various specialties, allowing them to build their own way instead of depending on the existing mechanisms.

Visit their website for more information.


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